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doTerra India Team Support

View or download documents and videos relevant to doTerra India

    doTerra India Corporate Team App

    doTerra India Corporate Team have resources and regular updates using the 'Stack Team App'

    Firstly register for a free 'Stack Team App' account 

    Once registered then search for doTerra India and then apply to join, ensuring that you quote your doTerra Member ID at the same time

    Watch the video for further guidance 

    doTerra India Corporate Team Calls

    doTerra India Corporate Team Calls with business updates in the new India market. Look out on the Team App

    Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG)

    doTerra produce the most consistently pure, potent, safe, effective and tested Essential Oils in the world. This standard exceeds all other standards eg 'organic' 

    These produce the very best results for natural healthcare and cannot be compared with the vast majority of products sold as 'essential oils' in the market that are typically heavily adulterated or/and synthetic and are simply 'fragrance oils'

    doTerra 'Source to You' website

    Source to You provides amazing information about the ways doTerra source and produce the most pure, potent, safe, effective and tested oils in the world and the science behind it

    Also the relationships we have with small farmers in 47 countries and how we help build their communities. We current impact 3 million farmers and their families 

    Visit doTerra India Mumbai Office

    You can visit the doTerra India Head Office without appointment and chat to staff, test our oils etc. Great to take a prospect to as well. Opening times are 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday 

    doTerra India IT fixes

    Some common errors and fixes when using the doTerra India Wellness Advocate backoffice. These are early days and we are learning more about how to make systems more efficient and the PDF shows fixes that are available to overcome some of the challenges

    The main thing that can help eliminate many problems members are facing is clearing your cache and cookies, or in other words, your browser history. A lot of data will save on your phone or computer from migration or enrolling a new member, and when data is auto-populated from a cookie, this data will cause an enrollment, payment, or even migration to fail even if the address is correct. The reason why is that it will need to be manually added so the system doesn’t think it knows the enrollment is coming from a person.

    The video shows how to add/edit a payment method

    doTerra Sharers Worldwide Support

    Our wider doTerra Team is called doTerra Sharers Worldwide

    We follow systems developed by Diamonds with years of experience to grow a doTerra Business and you will be guided how to use this system which is continuously evolving. You can draw from the resources on this website to grow at your own pace

    Password is cheer if requested 

    doTerra Sharers Worldwide on Facebook

    doTerra Sharers Worldwide have a Facebook Group which you should join as we grow together as a Community and share our valuable experiences

    You need to be personally invited to join this Group. Please contact your sponsor

    doTerra India 'Contact Us'

    doTerra India are available to contact in 2 ways 

    Phone: 02241655655 (Mon - Sat 10.00am to 5.00pm)

    Email: [email protected] 

    Account Migration Document

    A process to follow for those who joined doTerra India before 1st June 2022. These were classified as 'Global Access' and effectively a temporary US account. Now each person needs to follow a process to change to India with relevant proofs of ID required by India Law 

    FSSAI Registration

    doTerra produce Certified Pure Tested Grade Oils and some of these are classed as 'Food Grade' in India.

    Therefore all Wellness Advocates are required to apply for an FSSAI Certificate for a fee of RS 100 p.a.

    As the only account available in India for doTerra is Wellness Advocate then everyone needs this to purchase Food Grade Oils even just for self-use 

    Please direct queries about FSSAI applications to
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 1800112100

    New Member Orientation

    A document with a summary of doTerra India that each new Member agrees that they understand when they join

    New Member Welcome Letter

    A Welcome letter to send to every new member enrolled with useful tips and links to help towards a smooth start

    New Member Induction

    Our New Member Induction is designed to ensure that the new member is guided properly to all the resources to match their needs and they are showed the benefits of being a regular customer

    Arrange this on Zoom to cover proper and understand how best to support them

    doTerra Live Guide - Empowered Success

    The Official doTerra India Wellness Lifestyle Live Guide

    How to start making changes towards the natural wellbeing you desire and then expand on these new habits with confidence 

    How to complete a new India enrollment and place an order

    A video showing how to enrol a New Member in India and place their first order. Providing proofs of Adhaar and PAN and other docs can be skipped and done in next 15 days by emailing them to [email protected]

    Other videos show how to place orders on a mobile and also to use UPI as a payment method  

    The last video shows how everyone places an order in India and is in Hindi language

    doTerra Product Brochure

    doTerra Product Brochure - not all products are available in every market although the range will grow over time 

    doTerra India Product Price List

    The range of doTerra products available to start in India. Columns show the size, MRP (inc GST), wholesale price, wholesale price inc GST and PV for each product. Darker coloured products due in stock shortly   

    doTerra India Simple Product List

    doTerra India Simple Product Guide with prices shown as MRP inc GST

    doTerra India First Experience Kits

    doTerra India First Experience Kit, prices shown are exclusive of GST 

    Product Information Pages (PIP's)

    Official descriptions for doTerra products and how to use safely

    doTerra Loyalty Rewards Program

    doTerra incentives for regular customers with free product credits from 10% of pv value to 30% of pv value for each order over 50pv. Free Product of the Month for LRP orders over 125pv before 15th of each month

    doTerra LRP Points Redemption Form

    doTerra Loyalty Rewards Programme points redemption Form for free products

    doTerra India Product and Business Training

    Live training hosted every week

    Monday 3.00pm IST - Business Training

    Thursday at 9.30pm IST - Product Training

    Lookout for details of these each week on the doTerra Team App

    doTerra India Facebook,

    Instagram Page and website

    Facebook: CLICK HERE

    Instagram: CLICK HERE

    Website:  CLICK HERE

    Business Facebook Page example


    Using Social Media

    Business Facebook Page example

    doTerra Digital Marketing Kit
    Feel free to use all marketing tools on this link

    doTerra Social Media Pack
    Automated professional advertising onto your Facebook/Instagram Page

    Sharing doTerra as a Business

    For those interested in helping others appreciate all that doTerra offers we complete a Business Strategy Session with them on Zoom following the guidance on this webpage. Personalise the strategy according to their current level of desire and commitment

    doTerra Buide Guide - Empowered Success

    doTerra have worked in partnership with Leaders to produce a series of Guides - Live, Share, Build to help all Members to enjoy the benefits of being with doTerra as a Customer, Sharer or Builder (for whom all 3 are applicable)

    Here is the 'Build Guide' for India 

    Generating Leads to invite to classes

    Although there are many free ways to generate leads to invite to classes, including contacting our 'warm market', as a business we can use paid advertising to reach the numbers we really need to succeed This Page provides details of our 'Advertising Pool' that runs monthly that you can join and all the best ways that you can communicate with your prospects

    Short doTerra videos for prospects

    Some very short doTerra videos crucial to send to those showing interest in all we offer to help them see just how different we are with our standards, ethics and vision 

    Create a link to send to someone to enrol

    Here is a link to labs.doterra.com which is the URL guiding you to input your ID# and create a URL or short link to send to those that would like to join your team. Having the link generator will ensure they are connected to you as the enroller and sponsor if you send this to them and they follow the link. 

    doTerra India Compensation Plan

    The doTerra India Compensation Plan. The video refers to 'Fast Start' which is called 'Sharing Bonus' in India and is paid at 25%/10% instead of 20%/10%/5%  

    Power of 3

    'Power of 3' is a doTerra Bonus based on certain structures of people within a Wellness Advocate Business who place 100pv orders in a single month.
    Earn an extra 3000, 15000 or 85000 INR per month

    doTerra Empowerment Bonus

    doTerra set aside 7% of commisionable volume worldwide to share amongst Leaders each month. The first level of Leadership is Premier where an Advocate has 2 separate legs with 2k OV and 5k overall Team volume (see Comp Plan). 1.25% is set aside for Premier (max 1 share) and Gold (max 2 Shares) subject to 1 or 2 personal enrollments in a month 

    Direct Deposit Form

    Authorise doTerra to credit all commissions to your bank account

    Instead of a 'cancelled cheque' for your direct deposit form you can can either use a bank passbook or can just write the account number, branch alpha numeric IFSC code on the DD form and full name as it shows on the account. 

    Complete and forward to [email protected]

    doTerra India Founders Club

    doTerra India Founders Club where 1% of total India commissionable annual volume is shared between a maximum total of 40 Advocates with Gold India volume subject to outlined criteria. 1/40th share per person every year for life whilst continually qualifying. Incredible recognition of the work undertaken and sacrifices made by those helping to establish doTerra in India  

    doTerra Global Convention September 2022

    doTerra held their Global Convention over 3 days in Salt Lake City in Utah, USA from 9 - 11 September 2022 with over 10000 attendees

    Here are the full recordings to watch to fully appreciate what is at the heart of doTerra and who we really are and what you can expect from the future with us

    doTerra European Convention June 2022

    doTerra held their European Convention over 3 days in Budapest, Hungary from 7-9 June 2022 with over 5000 attendees

    Here are the full recordings to watch to fully appreciate what is at the heart of doTerra and who we really are

doTerra Healing Hands

The doTerra Healing Hands Organisation funds projects around the world to empower disadvantaged people to become healthy, safe, and self-reliant.

Wellness Advocate Agreement

The agreement between doTerra India and a Wellness Advocate about how business will be conducted. Can be read alongside the Policy Manual which is much more detailed 

doTerra India Policy Manual

This Manual details all doTerra policies and procedures relating to the ethical operation of an India account